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Community welcomes in West Brom staff members

14th February 2018

Members of the Staff Union West Bromwich Building Society have transferred into Community. The transfer was confirmed last week by the Certification Officer, the government’s trade union regulator. Around 500 members, who work at West Bromwich Building Society, are now part of Community’s financial and professional sector. The transfer was completed following an overwhelming vote in favour by the staff union’s membership.

Community’s General Secretary, Roy Rickhuss, welcomed the new members:

“I’d like to give a warm welcome to all members at the West Bromwich Building Society. I have no doubt that the local union Committee will continue to provide the daily support that members expect, but now they and their members will have more help and services available to them by being part of Community.

“This transfer shows Community’s commitment to increasing our membership in financial and professional services, a sector that remains under-unionised.”

Holly O’Sullivan, Chair of Community’s new West Brom Section said:

“Our members were clear in their choice to transfer into Community. Community’s modern approach and its understanding of our sector means I am confident that our members will appreciate the added benefits of what Community has to offer.

“In particular, we will have access to a team of legally qualified union officials who are experienced within the finance sector. Along with more benefits and services, I know we have made the right choice and I look forward to working with my new Community colleagues.”

Community officials will be working closely with the West Brom committee in the coming weeks and months to let members know about how to make the most of their new Community membership.


Photo © Gordon Griffiths (cc-by-sa/2.0)