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Community welcomes election of Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner

4th April 2020

Responding to the announcement of Keir Starmer as Labour leader and Angela Rayner as the Deputy Leader, Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary of the Community trade union said:

“When Community nominated Keir and Angela, we did so because we thought they were best-placed to unite a fractured movement and begin rebuilding the Labour Party as a party of government.

“Today’s result provides them with the opportunity to start that journey. The Party can now come together and create a vision for the future of Britain that connects with voters.

“But today’s result also comes at a time of significant crisis, when the Leader of the Opposition has a vital role to play in the national interest. We are confident that Keir Starmer has the experience and character to fulfil that position.

“Angela Rayner has demonstrated throughout the campaign that she is a passionate and articulate advocate for the concerns of working people and her voice will be vital as millions of workers across the UK play their part in the national effort through this crisis.”

“But as we look further forward we must turn to the task of recovery for the Labour Party. With Keir and Angela leading us, Labour has the opportunity to create an ambitious vision for a modern Britain, rooted in our values of fairness and equality, and where credible policies give hope to millions of working people, including our members across the country.”

“We also want to pay tribute to the other candidates in both contests for their contributions and the spirit in which it was conducted and who also have the opportunity to now play a role in bringing Labour back to power.”