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Community continues to tackle discrimination in the workplace

30th July 2018

“I cannot praise Community enough…”

Community’s Service Centre advice team recently supported a member through a discrimination claim.

Sandra* was working in a small charity where she had worked for her employer for a number of years. Sandra contacted the Service Centre for advice regarding an issue at work where she was receiving comments about her race. Sandra was subjected to a number of racial comments from her colleagues.

Sandra had raised a formal grievance with her employer informing them of the comments which were made about her race, however her employer failed to acknowledge her complaints and the comments continued.

Community’s Service Centre advised Sandra that the comments her colleagues had used were discriminatory on the grounds of race and constituted to harassment under the Equality Act 2010 which is an actionable claim at an Employment Tribunal. With Sandra’s permission, Community’s Service Centre assisted Sandra with making an application to ACAS (The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) for conciliation.

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With the assistance of both the Service Centre and Legal Officer, Community were able to support Sandra and negotiate a settlement package and agreed reference.

Commenting afterwards, Sandra said:

“From the minute I contacted Community, the level of service I received was brilliant. My situation was rather complex and I found that everyone I spoke to at Community listened to my concerns and dealt with everything straight away.

“I could not believe the comments I received from my colleagues. The situation began to affect my mental health and I did not know where to turn. I am so pleased now that I am out of the organisation and can say my mental health is now much better thanks to the help of Community.

“I cannot praise Community enough, especially their Legal Officer who has supported me through my claim. I have also recommended that everyone join Community. Thank you very much Community. “

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*Name changed for anonymity.