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Community supports ‘remain’ vote in EU referendum

25th February 2016

For many years, Community has been a positive advocate for a better, more integrated Europe. We believe in a Europe that stands up for workers, that supports our industries and that helps keep our continent safe and secure.


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Community’s supreme policy making body is our Biennial Delegate Conference, the last of which was held in Glasgow in June 2015. At that conference, delegates from all sections of the union voted unanimously to support a ‘remain’ vote in the upcoming referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union.


Europe is a topic which often provokes strong opinions and passionate debate within the labour movement. Being part of the European community has undoubtedly changed our society – we believe it has brought protection for workers and investment for our industries.


The EU has helped deliver equal pay for men and women, a ban on sex discrimination, rights for part-time workers, the protection of TUPE, maternity and paternity rights and so many of the health and safety standards which protect us in the work place. The right to paid holiday, which so many of us take for granted, is also safeguarded by the EU.


All these rights, which are secured by our membership of the EU, protect working people against any UK government which seeks to attack workers’ rights.


It is not just our day to day rights at work that Europe protects. Being part of the EU opens up our market to half a billion consumers and an economy worth almost £17billion.


Global companies like Nissan and Siemens choose to set up shop in Britain, because of our continued EU membership.


In a world that is growing ever closer together, now is not the time to drift away from our closest neighbour and biggest customers. Community fully supports the UK’s continued membership of the EU.