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Community supports its members against the odds

20th July 2018

“Without Community in my corner the outcome would have been very different…”

Community member Alison was recently put at risk of redundancy from her employer, after working at Tata Steel for 21 years she was transferred to her new employer via the TUPE transfer system.

Community Regional Organiser Lisa Durrani assisted Alison through the redundancy process, but was unsuccessful during the consultation to save Alison’s job. This was despite evidence that proved otherwise.

Alison appealed the decision and arranged a meeting, normally all meetings with this particular employer take place via conference call, but Community insisted on meeting face to face due to the importance of the issue.

The appeal was held in Community’s Rotherham office, the manager chairing the appeal appeared sympathetic to Alison’s situation, Community challenged the previous decision and reasons behind it, and put a case forward. Alison also provided crucial evidence to help her case.

After the period of consideration, Alison contacted Lisa and informed her that she had won the appeal and therefore remained in her role.


We will always go to bat for our members when the odds are stacked against them


Speaking after the decision, Alison said “Thank you again for all your assistance in my appeal.  The service I received was prompt and professional as I would expect from Community.

“Going into a situation as I did under the treat of redundancy from a large organisation I feel without Community in my corner the outcome would have been very different.

“A massive thank you again to Lisa a great ambassador for Community and an example of the great work they do.”

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