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Community steelworkers march on London

13th July 2018

We’re sending a clear message…

Today, Community members within the steel industry travelled from across the UK to march in London to protest against Donald Trump’s tariffs on UK steel exports.

The President’s visit to the UK comes just weeks after 25% tariffs were imposed on UK exports to the US.

Steelworkers from Teeside, Scunthorpe, Rotherham, Corby, Shotton, Llanwern and Port Talbot marched to criticise the tariffs which unfairly impact British steelworkers and their communities.


Steelworkers from across the UK came together to protest Trump’s tariffs


Community, the steelworkers’ union, has led the campaign against Trump’s tariffs, and today once again called on the President to remove the tariffs on UK steel.

Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary of Community, the steelworkers union said:

“Steelworkers have had a tough few years, but they have never given up the fight for their industry. We are sending a clear message to both Donald Trump and Theresa May that these tariffs are unacceptable and put jobs at risk on both sides of the Atlantic.”

“Donald Trump is more interested in funny tweets than fair trade, and his reckless behaviour will end up hurting his own people as much as anyone else. British steelworkers need their government to stand up to Trump’s bullying and use our so-called ‘special relationship’ to protect our jobs and our industry.”

Community supports members from all backgrounds and all walks of life. If you want to be a part of that you can join us by clicking here.