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Community stands up against government attack on disabled workers

13th April 2017

Community, the union for disabled workers, has condemned the UK Government’s latest attack on disable people as “cruel and counterproductive.” Figures from Motability show that over 50,000 disabled people have lost their adapted vehicle because of changes to the benefit system since 2013.


The reassessment of the personal independence payments (PIP) has seen 45% of all beneficiaries lose out, which has left thousands of disabled people unable to access Motability’s adapted vehicle scheme.


Community’s ‘National League of the Blind and Disabled’ (NLBD) has represented disabled workers for over 100 years and is campaigning against government changes to the benefits system that have hit disabled people hardest.


Robert Mooney, a member of Community’s national executive council and chair of the NLBD, has been a lifelong activist for disabled rights. Speaking about the impact PIP changes have had on disabled workers, Robert said:


“Changes to the PIP have been cruel and counterproductive. This government say they want more people in work, but disabled people are already finding it difficult, if not impossible to secure sustainable employment.


“Many Community members have told us about their own awful experiences of going through the PIP assessment process. Losing out on the ability to use an adapted vehicle can often mean the difference between keeping a job and being unemployed. This has a huge impact on a disabled person’s wellbeing, family, and financial security.


“If the government is serious about helping disabled people into work, they should take urgent action to ensure all disabled people who need an adapted vehicle are able to access one. Disabled workers have spent many years fighting for justice and dignity in the workplace, it is a sad state of affairs that many have now been left unable to get to work at all.”