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Community sponsorship reaches out to young people

29th May 2018

It’s what Community is all about…

Reaching out to young workers is a challenge faced by all trade unions. Community has recognised the need to engage with young people in new ways, back to teaching them what trade unions are and what they can do.

Over the past year, UFS Community, the union’s financial and professional section, has been running a project in Cheltenham in an attempt to generate more interest about unions among young people. This is all part of Community’s wider activities to get the conversation started and showcase the union to young people.  

UFS Community recently decided to link up with one of the largest local netball teams in Cheltenham, and have provided them with a kit bearing the union logo, as well as a stand with both logos which is shown on match days.  

Challengers Netball Club proudly wearing their new Community-sponsored strip pre-match.



Sian Lawrence, Coach and Junior development officer Challengers Netball Club said:

“Challengers Netball Club have six teams ranging from division 4 to regional south west 3rd division, with two teams achieving promotion this year.

“They have been extremely fortunate this season in receiving sponsorship from Community to assist all senior members of the club in receiving new dresses, with over 70 members ranging from 14 – 60 now playing in the new kit.

“For many players club netball is expensive and this financial support from Community means that everyone was able to afford the new dresses.

“Sponsorship is key to Challengers success and for some the difference between participating and not being able to afford to.

“Thank you Community for your support.”

The sponsorship has got more people talking about Community, as the kits are seen by a lot of young people and their parents on a weekly basis.

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