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Community recognised employer signs the ‘Dying To Work’ charter

5th October 2018

“We are proud of what we have achieved for our members…”

During recent pay negotiations with Lloyd Walters industrial services, Community members put forward the idea of their employer committing to implementing critical illness and life limiting cover into their terms and conditions of employment.

The TUC’s Dying to Work campaign aims to see terminal illness recognised as a ‘protected characteristic’ so that an employee with a terminal illness would enjoy a ‘protected period’ where they could not be dismissed as a result of their condition.

The suggestions put forward by Community members would mean that during this period of uncertainty they wouldn’t have to worry about how they would pay for their food, bills or mortgage. They would be able to focus on themselves and any possible rehabilitation.

The company were very receptive to this idea as they felt it reflected their values as a caring employer, and were happy to offer 6 months full pay to workers in the event of critical or life limiting illness.

The signing of the Dying To Work charter. Pictured from left to right Anthony Jones – Chairman , Jason Balston – Secretary, Alun Davies – Regional Organiser, Sean Perkins – Manager & Paul Nott – LWIS Director

Upon the signing of the Dying To Work charter, Community Regional Organiser Alun Davies said “107,000 people in the UK are living with MS, that’s the equivalent of 3 x the population of Port Talbot.

“In 2015, 359,960 new cases of cancer were reported, that’s the same as filling Wembley Stadium 4 times over. With these figures it means that 2.5 million people are living with cancer in the UK.

“This is a great initiative, we hope that members never have to use this, but it’s there for those who need it.”

Jason Balston Branch secretary said “ We are proud of what we have achieved for our members, acknowledgement from the company in signing the TUC Dying to work Charter proves that they think of us as more than just a number and it sends a positive message to the workforce that the company care about their employees.”

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