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Community’s passion for education continues to catch on

25th June 2018

We’re making sure education never stops…

A changing world of work brings with it many challenges, one of which being the importance of learning inside and outside of the workplace. Community recently signed a Learning Agreement with Liberty Steel in the Dalzell Steelworks in Motherwell, putting in place a commitment to the increase the skills of the workforce both in their place of work and for their own personal development. This agreement ensures that Community learning reps are on hand to support members and ensure everybody has the opportunity to learn.

Learning agreement signing

Community NEC vice president Ross Clark (left) pictured with Liberty Steel regional HR manager Lesley Dow (right) after signing the learning agreement, securing education for Community members.

This Agreement will be celebrated at an upcoming Open Day in the newly established onsite learning centre, Community members will have the chance to learn more about this agreement and apply for different courses.

Susan Cassidy, Project Manager for Communitas in Scotland, said “The signing of this learning agreement marks the start of a new partnership with Liberty Steel, a partnership where the Community and Liberty can work together to create a positive learning environment in Dalzell Steelworks. As Project Manager, I am looking forward to working with our learning reps to deliver engaging and innovative learning opportunities for our members.”

Community works hard to ensure that if you want to learn and develop, you can. If you want us in your corner, you can join Community by clicking here.