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Community nominates Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner

27th January 2020

Today, Community’s National Executive Committee decided to support Keir Starmer for leader of the Labour Party, and Angela Rayner for deputy leader of the Labour Party.

Roy Rickhuss CBE, General Secretary of Community, said:

“The choice the Labour Party makes in this leadership election is vital to both the future of Britain and our Labour movement.

“This year marks a decade of the Conservatives in Downing Street. This comes from a run of four devastating general election defeats, where life-long Labour communities, across our industrial working class heartlands, have turned away from the Labour Party.

“It is clear Labour has to rebuild itself as not only the party for working people, but as a party of Government that looks to our country’s future.

“We face an enormous challenge over the next five years. Labour has the opportunity to deliver an ambitious vision for a modern Britain, rooted in our values of fairness and equality, and where credible policies give hope to millions of working people, including our members across the country.

“Community believes Keir Starmer is the candidate most ready to meet this challenge. His experience and vision are what the Labour Party needs to rebuild, win back the trust of voters, and lead a transformative Labour government.

“Community has also nominated Angela Rayner for deputy leader. We believe she will help unite our fractured party, reinvigorate the Labour movement, and lead us into government. While we were extremely impressed by most of the deputy leadership candidates, we also strongly encourage our members in CLPs to ensure Ian Murray makes the final ballot so that Labour members have the option of voting for him. Labour wins when it embraces ideas from across our broad church and Ian being on the ballot sends a clear message that every nation and region of the UK matters to the Labour Party.”


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Notes to editors

1. Community is one of the 12 trade unions affiliated to the Labour Party.
2. Community represents members across every sector of the UK economy.