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Community talks mental health in Northern Ireland

17th December 2018

“We are delighted that the subject is being discussed at such a high profile event…”

Community Reps from the Prison Service in Northern Ireland recently attended a conference in Parliament Buildings to discuss mental health issues in the prison service.

The reps were invited to attend by Robbie Butler MLA, and were granted the opportunity to share their experiences of mental health in the workplace to politcians and mental health professionals. The Chief Psychologist for the Prison Service in Northern Ireland, Jackie Bates Gaston also spoke.

Community reps were able to take part in important discussions around mental health with MPs, experts and sector leaders

Community activist Bert Lloyd said: “This was a very worthwhile event and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend.

“Community reps have direct knowledge and experience on this subject, with some of us being medically discharged from the prison service as a result of  mental health issues – so we are delighted that the subject is being discussed at such a high profile event.

“I would like to thank Jackie and Robbie on behalf of myself and Community for a well presented conference”.

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