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Community members have a political weekend

19th November 2018

“It’s important we give our members skills to effect change”

This November, Community hosted a political weekend. The event brought together members of Community from a range of the union’s sectors including: justice, manufacturing, charities, politics, finance, legal services, the self-employed and many more.

The event aimed to educate activists on topics that can be hard to engage with such as the economy; give them the skills to run campaigns to make change in their workplaces and communities; and to think critically about a variety of topics from the changing world of work to Britain’s future in the world.

Caroline Flint gives the keynote address

Speaking after the conference, Callum Munro, Head of Media, Campaigns and Politics for the union, said:

“Our political weekend event was a huge success, we gave our members the chance to learn from politicians, activists, think tanks and qualified trainers, and to reflect on a variety of interesting and diverse topics. It’s vitally important to our union that we give our members the skills to be able to effect change and engage with difficult issues.”

“It was fantastic to see members of all ages and a variety of sectors come together to talk about the future of work and the future of our country, and how our union can respond to the changes we will see in a progressive and forward-thinking way.”

Sessions included discussions about Brexit and the future of work. Stella Creasy MP spoke about how to organise and win campaigns and Caroline Flint MP gave the keynote speech. There was expert advice on speechwriting from Paul Richards and training from Hope Not Hate on how to have difficult conversations and Economy on understanding the economy.

Stella Creasy talks about campaigning


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