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Community member wins over £11,000 at Employment Tribunal

6th February 2018

Former London Heathrow Airport porter and Community member Tanka Gurung, a Nepali national, won £11,784 for unfair dismissal at Reading Employment Tribunal, in a reserved judgement from the hearing held on 30th and 31st October 2018

Speaking after receiving the judgement, Mr Gurung said:

“When I was dismissed I did not feel good at the time, I didn’t have anyone with me at the disciplinary meeting because I did not think that I would be dismissed. I think that this was a mistake. I was surprised that they dismissed me.

I had Sayidali Moullin from Community with me for the appeal. He did a very good job, helping me all the time, but I was not given my job back. I felt good that I had appealed, but I still thought that I had been unfairly treated so I asked Community to look at taking a claim to the Employment Tribunal for me.

Community decided I’d got a good case and supported me all the way, putting my Employment Tribunal claim in and representing me at the hearing.

I felt a bit scared at first, but it was okay, and I was happy when I found out that I had been awarded over £11,000 for unfair dismissal.”

Mr Gurung was represented at the Employment Tribunal by Community’s Legal Officer, Grant Williams, who said “I’m delighted that we have got justice for Mr Gurung. The company treated him badly, and also failed to produce vital documents for the Tribunal, and are now paying the price.”.

As a member of Community, if you have a case with a better than even prospect of success you are supported all the way through the Employment Tribunal process including representation at the final hearing and any subsequent appeal.