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Community’s Member Service Centre clear up the confusion

19th August 2019

“I could not have done this without help from Community…”

Community’s Member Service Centre recently assisted a member who worked in the Education Sector and had an issue regarding her resignation and pay.

Louise* had decided to resign from her position at work and was required to give the relevant notice. Louise’s contract had two different notice periods, one included one weeks’ notice and the other was one month, Louise decided to give her employer one month’s notice to support them whilst they found a replacement.

After one week, Louise’s employer terminated her employment and only gave her one week’s pay and not one month. Louise was also not paid her overtime and was notified by her employer that she would need to pay back a training course fee that her employer had enrolled her on which she hadn’t taken.

Community’s Service Centre assisted Louise with writing a grievance outlining that her employer was under a legal obligation to pay her one month’s notice as this was part of her terms & conditions, and that withholding payment for notice and her overtime would be considered an unlawful deduction to wages and potentially an unfair dismissal.

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Our Legal Advisors are the cream of the crop when it comes to helping out members

In addition, as part of the grievance letter Louise informed her employer that her new employer was willing to pay for the course fees and requested a simple transfer without having to pay the course fee.

Following the grievance letter, Louise received a response from her employer providing her with everything she was owed, including one month’s notice pay and overtime. Louise’s employer also removed the course fees and transferred her course to her new employer as requested.

Following the successful outcome, Louise said:

Thank you so much for all the advice and support in resolving the issues I’ve had with my employer.

“I really appreciate it and could not have done this without the help from Community” 

David Fiddler, head of Community’s Service Centre said “This is a great outcome for Louise and the team.

“Situations like these are never easy for members, especially when you’re in the middle of changing jobs like in Louise’s case.

“This is why our Service Centre Legal Advisors are here, to take the stress out of situations and offer you a clear path towards solutions.”

Since its formation in 2008, Community’s Member Service Centre has handled over 100,000 enquires from members across the country. From disciplinaries to redundancies, our advice team are ready to help.

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*Name changed for anonymity.