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Community takes collaborative learning into the workplace

6th June 2018

Learning – it’s at the heart of what we do…

Communitas, Community’s education arm, has been working alongside employers to develop new ways to educate and empower workers, through new ways of training and organising.

In Scotland, Community has worked alongside logisitics company Whistl to establish a joint committee made up of Community reps, managers, team leaders and Communitas’ Project Manager. These committees organise training opportunities such as respecting diversity in the workplace, hidden disabilities, digital coding and mental health first aid.


Community Learning reps in the workplace

Community Learning reps facilitate courses to help members in the workplace.


Susan Cassidy, Communitas Project Manager for Community Scotland, said “This project has already seen tremendous results. Whistl’s new rep, Lisa McNally, is hoping to continue the success of the joint learning committee, with some great courses in the pipeline such as stress management, cyber security and money management.

“I urge all Community Reps and members to look at how they can develop these types of committees in their workplaces, as they play a huge part in equipping branches with key skills to help them in a modern working world.”

Whistl’s learning committee was established by the onsite Community Reps. If you or someone you know would like to know about the role of the Rep and how to become one, please contact your local Community regional office.