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Community goes the extra mile for rep

12th February 2018

Sarah Peterson, a Community member and new mum, has recently been offered additional support by Community to attend a training course to help develop her skills.

“I have recently returned to work from maternity leave and I was worried I would miss out on learning what my colleagues were learning due to not being able to leave my baby to attend courses.” said Sarah.

“The union said bring my son and carer along so I could participate, which is amazing.”

The number of working mothers with dependant children is at an all time high in the UK, so ensuring that measures are in place to support this increase is key in creating a fair workplace.

“Providing childcare allowed me to participate along with my team and know my son was cared for nearby. I haven’t been disadvantaged for being a ‘new mum’.

“This has been a wonderful opportunity for me, I was worried I would fall behind my team of reps, knowledge and experience wise, but the union has helped me to develop with the team so we can grow together.

“My son Jaxon has loved his time away, swimming during the day with his carer Chloe, and getting to know the reps, He will be coming along for the next training course in a few weeks!”


Bev Bambrough, Community’s Equalities Director, said:

“As we celebrate the anniversary of  some women attaining rights to vote this year, it is worth reflecting on how women can and do bring about positive change at work and in the Community. We listen to the needs of our members and do our best to provide them with a pathway to personal development.

“Sarah needed support to attend training that will have a positive impact in her workplace, so we provided her with options to ensure she could attend the training without having to worry about childcare commitments. A positive step to ensure we can develop our activists and support those who need support.”

As a member of Community, we will work with you to ensure that you are supported when times get tough at work and at home.