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Community puts food on the table over Christmas

31st January 2019

“A hot meal and a pair of gloves can make such a huge difference…”

Community recently supported a voluntary organisation in Glasgow, by donating money to purchase warm clothing and hot meals for the homeless over Christmas.

Over the last 33 years, Possobilities has developed into one of the most well known voluntary organisations in Glasgow. They offer support and respite to disabled and vulnerable people in the local community.

Community member and activist Robert Mooney applied to Community’s regional charity fund, after being made aware that Possobilities were running a programme to help the homeless over Christmas and New Year by providing scarves, gloves, hats and a hot meal to those sleeping rough.

Community have taken part part in many local homeless support programs across the UK.

Speaking after the donation, Margaret Wotherspoon, Regional Organiser for Community Scotland said “We’re proud that we have been able to support possobilitie’s work over the Christmas period.

“We’ve had another harsh winter this year, and for those less fortunate than us, a hot meal and a pair of gloves can make such a huge difference.

“I would encourage any Community members with a cause close to their heart to let us know, we may be able to help out!”

Community’s regional charity fund is available to all members. You can join Community by clicking here.