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Community talks equality in Scotland

1st March 2019

“A positive equality, diversity and inclusion culture is critical within any successful organisation…”

Community reps in Scotland have recently taken part in an equality, diversity and inclusion Workshop in the Community Glasgow Office.

This event was delivered by Regional Secretary Steve Farrell and HR Professional Deeba Ali to over 20 Community reps from a variety of sectors – including Justice, Steel, Leather, RSBi Glasgow and NSPCC. Topics such as Workplace Culture, Conscious/Unconscious bias, Trust and External Influences (Social Media) were discussed.

Reps had the opportunity to speak openly about any issues that have affected them – and were also asked to be honest about their own behaviour in the workplace. Discussions were eye-opening, particularly when people shared their own experiences of negative behaviours that take place everyday. All reps agreed that these discussions were necessary in order to be able show good practice of acceptable behaviour and appropriate responses.


equality diversity

Equality and diversity sessions open up many topics of important conversation.


Community reps know only too well the influence poor behaviour in the area of Equality and Diversity can have on a workplace –  reps are the people expected to deal with the consequences of this behaviour through grievances, disciplinaries or even dismissals.

The workshop was interactive and engaging and has had excellent feedback with all the Reps agreeing that this type of honest and hard-hitting workshop should be delivered in their own workplaces, from the shop floor to management, in order to make positive change to workplace cultures.

Speaking after the event, Regional Secretary Steve Farrell said “A positive equality, diversity and inclusion culture is critical within any successful organisation.

“Community aim to promote such a positive culture within all our Workplace Branch Structures, hence this training workshop was made up of Branch Secretary’s and Local Representatives from all diverse Industrial Sectors across the Region”

Community places equality and fairness at the heart of all we do – promoting equality of opportunity for our members.

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