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Community continues to campaign for LGBT+ rights

Community - 19th July 2019

“We need to campaign for LGBT+ rights…

Last week Community brought a motion to TUC LGBT+ conference on equal marriage in Northern Ireland. The motion passed unanimously, meaning the TUC will now launch a national campaign to legalise equal marriage in Northern Ireland and put pressure on the UK government to challenge any legislation that seeks to undermine this.

Community delegates attending #TUCLGBT conference 2019

On 9 July, the UK Parliament passed an amendment by Conor McGinn MP  which mandates the UK government to intervene and bring equal marriage to the citizens of Northern Ireland if Stormont is not sitting again by 21 October.
Following the conference, Community then joined LGBT+ Labour to march at Pride In London.
Research and policy officer of Community, and Co-Chair of LGBT+ Labour Melantha Chittenden said:
“Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK where equal marriage is not legal. Securing equal marriage in Northern Ireland brings LGBT+ people one step closer to full equality under the law.”

Community flags were waved high during Pride celebrations in London this year.

“With a spike in hate crimes towards LGBT+ people, and growing animosity over debates around the inclusion of LGBT+ identities in the curriculum, it’s important that trade unions like Community continue to campaign for extensions to LGBT+ rights and protections, and march with us at pride in an act of solidarity.”

Community is proud to campaign for equal rights for LGBT+ people in every corner of the UK.


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