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Community calls for rethink on self-employed tax hike

8th March 2017

Community, the union for self-employed workers, has called for low and middle paid workers to be protected against the changes to National Insurance announced by the Chancellor today. The £16,250 threshold, after which workers will see a rise in their tax bill, means that thousands of workers will have to pay more while still bearing all the risks that come with being self-employed.


Speaking after the Chancellor delivered the budget, Community’s Assistant General Secretary, John Park said:


“Philip Hammond was right to say today that there are many good reasons to be self-employed and that people should have greater choice in how and when they work. However, those people taking the risks and helping grow our economy should not be punished with tax rises.


“The Chancellor floated the possibility of new parental leave benefits for the self-employed and a consultation later this year on the matter. Community will seek to involve our members in that process to ensure the voice of low paid self-employed workers is heard.


“The government failed to properly consult on today’s significant announcement, this was clearly a big mistake. We are now calling on the Chancellor to think again on this tax hike and work in partnership with trade unions to help create policies and structures that meet the needs of the growing number of people choosing self-employment.”