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Community builds global links

11th April 2017

Senior Community representatives are attending the United Steelworkers union convention in the USA. The event brings together invited trade union guests from around the world with over 2,400 USW delegates and provides an important opportunity to discuss common issues and build links with trade union colleagues in multi-national companies.

Speaking from the convention, Roy Rickhuss, Community’s general secretary said:

“We represent thousands of workers in multi-national companies. When companies operate across borders, trade unions need to do the same. That’s why meetings like this are important to build relationships with trade unionists around the world, so that we can work effectively and collectively together in the best interests of our members.”

Community’s president, Jacqueline Thomas, who is also representing Community, said:

“Being here you get the great sense of solidarity that runs throughout the global union movement. It’s a good opportunity to hear how sister and brother trade unionists are overcoming similar challenges. So there will be lessons and ideas we can bring back to Community to support our own members.”

The United Steelworkers represents 1.2 million members across the USA and Canada. Like Community its traditional membership is in steel and other manufacturing sectors but, also like Community, it now organises across every sector of the economy.