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Community backs Vaughan Gething for Welsh Labour leader

26th October 2018

Community are delighted to announce that they will nominate Vaughan Gething to be the next leader of Welsh Labour. The union, which represents thousands of workers in Wales, across various industries, conducted an online ballot of its members before making the nomination.


Following the ballot, Rob Edwards, Community Regional Secretary for Wales, said:


“We are pleased to announce that our union is backing Vaughan to be the next leader of Welsh Labour.


“Following an online consultative ballot, our members in Wales have decisively backed Vaughan to be the party’s next leader, and the country’s next first minister.


“Welsh Labour has a proud history of standing for working people and securing jobs and livelihoods even in difficult times. Under Vaughan’s leadership, we believe that tradition will continue.”


“Vaughan has always been supportive of the industries that matter to us in Wales, and his campaign for leader of Welsh Labour reflects that. Our members recognised Vaughan’s commitment to securing the future of the steel industry in Wales with continued support from the Welsh government.


“Vaughan’s backing of the campaign for a People’s Vote played a significant role in the decision by our members to back his campaign. The people of Wales are set to lose out significantly in a hard Brexit or no deal Brexit scenario, and Vaughan is campaigning to allow people a say on their future. Throwing his weight behind the campaign for a People’s Vote showed true political leadership, and proved to our members that he will always put Wales first.”


Vaughan Gething, said:


“I am delighted to have the support of Community. They have a proud history of standing up for workers in Wales, and took the bold step of balloting their members before making their nomination.


“One sector that  been at the forefront Welsh politics in recent years is our steel industry. Community has played a vital role in protecting Welsh steelmaking, and that is a campaign I will always support.”


“Community are a modern trade union that truly represents the views of their membership, their leadership on calling for a People’s Vote demonstrates that. Community are always there to defend work and industry in Wales, and I am proud to stand beside them.”


“I am humbled to have their support and look forward to campaigning vigorously with them to make the change in Wales. But change takes courage.”