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Community apprentices share their experiences

9th March 2019

national apprenticeship week

“An apprenticeship is a great way to learn on the job…”

For National Apprenticeship Week, Community’s apprentices took time out of a training session to share their experiences of being an apprentice. The union currently has five apprentices based across the union.

Ben Richards, apprentice organiser in Wales, said:

“I saw it as a gateway to build my career for the future. I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for anybody.”

Alex Teague, who works as an apprentice organiser in our Midlands region, said:

“I was looking out for an apprenticeship for a long time…I was really unemployable to get into an office, so an apprenticeship is a great way to learn on the job.”

Alex’s Midlands colleague, Dan Warren, said:

“I would recommend an apprenticeship because it’s good to learn and it’s a really good way to get your feet in the door.”

Liam Gill, who is based in the union’s Cardiff office with Ben, said:

“For National Apprenticeship Week, it’s really good to see Community continuing to develop myself and my colleagues in the world of work…and I hope they keep doing it.”

Community has been running its apprenticeship programme for over five years, with apprentices graduating to secure full-time employment with the union directly or with other employers.