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Community’s Service Centre provide support when times get tough

11th May 2018

Community’s Service Centre advice team recently supported a member through a stressful redundancy situation.

Sarah* was working in a secondment post with her employer, however towards the end of the secondment she was informed that she would not be able to return to her original post as this no longer existed.

With the support of Community’s Service Centre advice team, the employer agreed to consult Sarah*, ensuring that she received a fair redundancy process.

With support from a Community Organiser, it was possible to negotiate a settlement for Sarah* in line with her redundancy entitlements.

Speaking after the settlement, Sarah* said:

“When I first found out I couldn’t go back to my original role I was devastated. It was a really stressful situation and I wasn’t sure where I stood legally.

“I had never been in a situation like that before and it was a real comfort that the Service Centre was on hand to support me.

“I felt that the advisers took my case seriously and the information they gave me was really useful.  They explained what my rights were and assured me that Community would support me to get the redundancy package I was entitled to.

“I was told by my manager that I wasn’t entitled to redundancy, but when Community got involved, they changed their mind.

“Having Community represent me gave me confidence at the meetings and made the situation a lot less stressful.”

The Service Centre is on hand to provide Community members who may not have direct workplace support with the necessary advice and guidance they need.

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*Name has been changed for anonymity