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Response to Chancellor’s COVID19 self-employed support announcement

26th March 2020

Responding to the Chancellor’s announcement of new support for the self-employed, Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary of Community said:

“We welcome the extensive lengths the Chancellor and Government have gone to in providing support for employees, and today the self-employed. Millions of self-employed workers have been waiting for action from the Government and will be reassured that support is on its way.

“Community has been a proud champion of the five million strong self-employed and freelance community, and we look forward to working with Government on behalf of our members on the details of the self-employed income support scheme to ensure no-one falls through the cracks.

“Waiting until June will be too long for many of the self-employed who already are struggling to make ends meet. As a matter of priority, we urge the Government to ensure the systems to deliver the self-employed income support scheme are ready and in place as soon as possible to ensure cash gets into the pockets of freelancers and the self-employed urgently. 

“With an increase in Universal Credit claimants higher than during any month of the 2008-09 financial crisis, it is crucial additional resources are provided by Government to process claims which will be a lifeline for many self-employed people during the months ahead.

“The crisis has exposed the inequalities faced by freelancers and the self-employed, and we will continue to lobby for the support to be in place for as long as the effects of the crisis continues. Going forward it is clear we need long-term solutions to provide a safety net and additional protections for the self-employed and freelance community.”

Community represents freelancers and the self-employed across the UK, ensuring their voices are heard at every level.

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