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The difference equalities policies can make
Lisa Francis - January 28th, 2021
Equality is something that I have been passionate about for some time. Before Community I worked in a residential unit for people with mental health [...]
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World Menopause Day 2020
Lauren Crowley - October 18th, 2020
Today is the 11th anniversary of World Menopause Day. Last year we launched a member survey into experiences of menopause at work and since then [...]
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Community members join Menopause Webinar
Community - June 24th, 2020
Yesterday, Henpicked Menopause In The Workplace, the UK’s leading menopause experts, led an insightful webinar for Community members and friends, about making our workplaces menopause [...]
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Equal Pay at 50
Lauren Crowley - May 29th, 2020
Click straight through to the new resources here. Today on the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Equal Pay Act, we remember the struggle [...]
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What can an equalities rep do during Coronavirus?
Anna Mowbray - May 13th, 2020
In my last post I talked about the importance of reps keeping up their work to represent members in this challenging time. At times like [...]
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Women’s conference raises key issues
Community - May 4th, 2020
The TUC Women’s conference took place ahead of International Women’s Day in March. A delegation of Community activists from across the union’s sectors and regions [...]
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Menopause is a workplace issue
Community - March 7th, 2020
[arve url="" /] The menopause is still a taboo subject for many women, but it’s not a women’s issue. Menopause is a workplace issue. The [...]
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Women get more active in Community
Community - December 2nd, 2019
"We want women to have a voice in their workplace and their union..." Women members of Community in Scotland recently came together for the first [...]
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World Menopause Day: Community highlights and seeks best practice
Community - October 18th, 2019
"The work we do on this important issue needs to reflect the reality of women’s lives..." On World Menopause Day, Community is pleased to highlight [...]
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Community speaks up for women at work
Community - March 13th, 2019
“As a labour movement, we need to secure rights for all working women, not just those in traditional employment..." A delegation of women from across [...]
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