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‘Justice not charity’ still needed 100 years on
Community - April 25th, 2020
On the centenary of the 'Blind March' arriving in Trafalgar Square to call for legislation to improve blind people's rights, Community's former president, Robert Mooney, [...]
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Government must do their job and protect our frontline workers
Melantha Chittenden - March 26th, 2020
The Government has called on sections of the UK workforce to continue to go out to work, to put themselves at risk to keep us [...]
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Budget 2020: Protection for the self-employed falls short
Kate Dearden - March 11th, 2020
The headlines might say there was a £500m boost and more protection for self-employed workers hit by coronavirus in today’s Budget but look underneath and [...]
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Skills challenge is one we must overcome
Roy Rickhuss - February 10th, 2020
"There are huge responsibilities for all of us to get this right..." Roy Rickhuss wrote for Unions 21 about the skills challenge facing the country. [...]
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Community puts focus on skills at TUC 2019
Community - September 10th, 2019
"The skills challenge we face is one of the great battles of our age..." Community delegate, Audrey McJimpsey, who works at RSBi in Glasgow, spoke [...]
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TUC 2019: workers must benefit from automation says Community
Community - September 9th, 2019
[arve url="" align="center" /] "We can make AI work or everyone..." This week, Community delegates are attending the TUC Congress 2019 in Brighton. The Congress [...]
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Building the supply chain for electric cars
Alasdair McDiarmid - August 12th, 2019
In these turbulent times the welcome news that Jaguar Land Rover plans to invest £1bn to make electric cars in the Midlands was soon offset [...]
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LGBT History Month – my thoughts
Steven McGregor - February 7th, 2019
"Trade unions played an enormous part in many of these victories in the LGBT community..." For many, February marks LGBT History month. This month provides [...]
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Community and the Fabians tackle automation challenge
Lauren Crowley - January 31st, 2019
"A 'worker's eye view' of technology change..." In 2017, neither main political party made any reference in their manifesto to how they would help workers [...]
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Unions recommit support for Save our Steel campaign
Community - September 12th, 2018
The 150th TUC Congress has shown its support again for Community's Save our Steel campaign. Paul McBean, Community National Executive Council member and lead rep [...]
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