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Why the steel industry needs support today
Alasdair McDiarmid - April 8th, 2021
The struggles the UK steel industry faces today are not known by everyone, but they are comprehensive. In recent history, the steel industry has been [...]
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How a trade union can help you
John Paul McHugh - March 24th, 2021
In 2019, there were 6.44 million trade union members in the UK. With the retirement age rising and pay remaining unchanged compared to inflation, trade [...]
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Consultation and COVID-19
Kate Dearden - February 23rd, 2021
As we approach a year living with Covid-19, we at Community thought it was worth reflecting on how the pandemic has led to a loss [...]
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Protecting your rights and wellbeing in the UK justice and custodial sector
Adrian Axtell - February 14th, 2021
Working in the justice and custodial sector can be incredibly challenging with exposure to high-stress environments that can have a significant emotional impact on you. [...]
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A crash course on joining a Trade Union
Paul Winrow - February 7th, 2021
There are a few misconceptions about what trade unions are and who can be part of one. While some people assume they’re not as relevant [...]
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Podcast: Sharing the future
Community - December 17th, 2020
Community and the Fabian Society partnered on a project known as the Commission on workers and technology. This week the Commission launched it's final report [...]
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Workers should be helped to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow
Roy Rickhuss - December 15th, 2020
At Community we are proud of our history.  When our industries changed over the last century, we stayed for our members, supporting them to reskill, retrain and [...]
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Response to cuts to the Union Learning Fund
Community - October 19th, 2020
This month the government announced plans to cut the £12 million Union Learning Fund which supports workers to develop at work and reskill for new [...]
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My experience of TUC Congress 2020
Megan Marsh - October 1st, 2020
Community rep, Meghan Marsh attended this year’s virtual TUC Congress. You can read her thoughts on the congress and five key takeaways below. This year [...]
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Community members emphasise impact of lockdown
Anna Mowbray - September 28th, 2020
In September 2020 we ran our second lockdown survey.  We were really pleased that this survey had the greatest number of responses we’ve ever had [...]
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