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Your community thanks you – an update on the Christmas Toy Appeal
Katie Allan - January 24th, 2021
Christmas can be a time of year filled with joy and happiness. But many families find themselves struggling at Christmas, and these challenges have been [...]
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Working in partnership with the charity sector
Adrian Axtell - January 21st, 2021
The charity sector plays a vital and expanding role in British society. In 2019, over 150,000 charity organisations in the UK employed just under a [...]
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New online learning hub created
Community - November 9th, 2020
Community has joined forces with Aspire to form a Learning Partnership which opens up thousands of courses for Aspire employees and local people too. The [...]
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Response to the Chancellor’s announcement
Community - September 24th, 2020
The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, today announced a plan for our economy for the coming months. This new ‘Winter Economic Plan’ comes following the imposition of [...]
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Government must act to save jobs and industries
Community - September 23rd, 2020
Today, Community have written to the Prime Minister calling for urgent action to protect industries and save jobs. You can read our letter here: Dear [...]
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Reasonable adjustments guidance launched
Lauren Crowley - September 11th, 2020
A new way of working is here to stay. Companies across the economy are realising the benefits of working flexibly. For many businesses, productivity hasn’t [...]
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Community secures recognition at Conciliation Resources charity
Community - July 28th, 2020
Community has signed a recognition agreement with peacebuilding charity Conciliation Resources to represent its UK employees and those working abroad on UK contracts. The partnership [...]
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Community supports Team MAXimise
Community - June 21st, 2020
Community’s Regional Charity Committees make donations across the UK to some fantastic charities and gives Community members and Reps the opportunity to highlight local charities [...]
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Ambition Aspire Achieve helps families with Community’s support
Community - June 3rd, 2020
During the coronavirus lockdown period, Community has been providing practical and financial support to local organisations across the country who are helping to deliver services [...]
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NSPCC to top up furloughed workers salary to 100%
Community - April 8th, 2020
In response to the recent COVID-19 global health pandemic, the children’s charity NSPCC, working in partnership with Community, has committed to topping up furloughed workers [...]
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