Stop the Trump Tariffs

Donald Trump is threatening to impose 25% tariffs on steel imports. This will have a significant impact on UK steel producers as the industry recovers from the steel crisis. Add your name below to show support for our campaign.

Donald Trump has announced that he intends to impose import tariffs of up to 25% on US steel imports, which could have a devastating impact on UK jobs. Community’s General Secretary, Roy Rickhuss has led calls for International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox to take use all leverage necessary to ensure the UK is exempt from any such tariffs.

In partnership with UK Steel, Roy Rickhuss has written to Liam Fox, fully outlining the concerns of the industry and calling for urgent action to protect the jobs of British steelworkers. Community is now calling on all steelworkers to sign up in support of the this letter.

Roy Rickhuss, said: “This news is deeply worrying for the UK steel industry. Donald Trump is putting jobs at risk on both sides of the Atlantic. I have written to Liam Fox to demand that he use our ‘special relationship’ with the USA to avoid UK exporters being hit by huge tariffs.

“We also need our government to work in partnership with other EU nations to ensure steel is not dumped into our markets. Strong trade defences are crucial to ensuring there is a future for our industry, and post-Brexit cannot be allowed to become a dumping ground for cheap foreign imports.

“I hope every steelworker will now sign up to support our calls and send a clear message the we will not accept Trump’s tariffs, and that out government must stand up for UK steelmaking at home and abroad.”

Read the full letter to Liam Fox here, and add your name below.



Roy Rickhuss has written to Valter Sanches, the General Secretary of IndustriALL – the body representing steel unions across the world – to call for global action to combat the impact of Donald Trump’s action. Read the letter here.