Action on pay – early years letter to MPs

Take action and write to your MP, now.  Let them know about the state of early years finances. Remind them that early years professionals are quitting education because they can be better paid working in supermarkets.  And ask them for their help in averting this crisis.

This is a template email that you can send to your MP. 

These are the steps to send the email:

  1. Find the details for your MP and how to contact them by following this link. 
  2. Click the button below which will open a pre-written email. Access the template email here
  3. Insert your MPs contact details in the ‘To’ box.
  4. Add your MPs name at the top.
  5. Add your name and full address at the bottom.
  6. Hit send!
  7. Let us know when you have emailed your MP.
  8. Let us know when they respond!

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