Sick pay for the self-employed

Nobody should face financial destitution for being sick, and nobody should have to choose between paying their bills or self-isolating to protect others.

That’s why we are telling the Government to extend sick pay to the self-employed.

Why does this matter? 

We know that our communities’ resilience depends on the support given to individuals in times of need.  

That’s why Community is calling for sick pay for the self-employed. 

Community’s new investigation revealed that over half of self-employed workers were denied financial support to self-isolate during the pandemic. 

This means the self-employed are forced to choose between making a living or protecting their health, and the health of their communities.  

Everyone should be supported when they are ill, including the self-employed. That’s why we are calling for sick pay to all. 

We believe self-employed workers should be supported at work and beyond like everyone else. That’s why we are proud to be a trade union for self-employed workers across the UK economy. 

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