Safer betting shops

Betting shop workers should not be subject to verbal and physical abuse at work. Community gives a voice to the UK’s betting shop workers. Through calling for debates in Parliament to telling their stories in the media the union for betting shop workers wants to improve our members’ lives at work.

Our campaign

Community union’s minimum standards campaign for working in betting shops led to us being recognised as a key industry stakeholder and we worked with the employers on the Safe Bet Alliance that resulted in a 45% reduction in betting shop robberies in London. We’ve continued the dialogue with the major employers about safety and security in the industry.

Community is demanding that all betting shop workers are not subject to verbal and physical abuse at work. All bookmakers should commit to improve the personal security and the working environment of all shop staff throughout the industry.

Forms of behaviour that are regarded as being totally unacceptable anywhere else on the high street can be viewed by some as being ‘part and parcel’ of the job of a betting shop worker.

We want to continue to engage with the industry and government to improve life within betting shops for our members.

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