Our reps guide on mental health

At Community’s Torquay 2017 conference, delegates voted overwhelmingly for the union to pursue a campaign around mental health in the workplace. Here you will find access to our reps guide to mental health.

Everything you need…

Following conversations with reps across the country about the support you need in order to lead on this vital campaign in your workplaces, we began researching the best ways for individual leaders to foster better and more supportive environments for those suffering with mental health in the workplace. The direction of this research was set at our Mental Health Summit in December last year, where members and reps from across the movement came together to help shape the campaign.

As a result of that research we have created your mental health guide. this resource will allow you to fully engage with the campaign, and help you start to make tangible change in your workplaces.

The guide includes; information on what reps can do, a look at how the law protects those with mental health conditions at work and the main ten things you can do in your workplace to help those with mental health conditions.

Mental Health Rep Guide - compressed

Click here for a downloadable version of mental health guide

We hope that the work done so far on our Mental Health campaign goes some way to making mental health a priority in every workplace. However, it’s by you putting into practice the advice and guidance in this resource, that will make a real difference to your workplace and the experiences of your colleagues at work.