Our mental health summit

On the 13th December 2017, over 50 Community members from across different sectors in the union held our mental health planning day.

We were delighted to hear from Luciana Berger MP and on the brilliant work she is doing in Parliament and on holding the government to account on mental health, as well as our General Secretary, Roy Rickhuss, on the importance of this campaign for the union going forward.

The planning day was a huge success, with members contributing to break out sessions on the causes and effects on mental health, as well as moving contributions and personal stories. We also had sessions on our campaign objectives on mental health within Community and across the union movement, on employers and the workplace, and on Government and public policy.

Since then every member that attended was given the opportunity to review the final plans for our campaign, and input their feedback.

Our members are vital to the success of our priority campaign, and that’s why Community is dedicated to members shaping the campaign so they can take it forward in their workplaces to create tangible change on mental health issues