Mental health at work

As part of our priority campaign, and commitment to tackling mental health problems that arise in the workplace, we have submitted and spoken on motions at various conferences.

TUC Conference 2017

Our General Secretary spoke at TUC Conference 2017 on the urgent need for action and funding for mental health in the UK, and the lack of services available.

Scottish Labour Party Conference

Community member, Steve McGurk (NLBD Glasgow), spoke at Scottish Labour Party Conference in March 2018 on our motion on mental health in the workplace.

Our motion called for conference to:

  • Support existing trade union campaigns to improve mental health provision, training, and attitudes in Scotland’s workplaces.
  • Campaign in the Scottish Parliament to ensure the Scottish Government invest in their ‘Mental Health Strategy’ and work alongside trade unions and other campaign groups to transform the nation’s mental health.
  • Call on the Health and Safety Executive to conduct mental health risk assessments in workplaces across Scotland to raise employer awareness of their duty to assess and manage mental health at work.

In Steve’s speech he said:

‘Good mental health needs to and must be a priority for every workplace.

Because good work is good for mental health, and good mental health is good for our workers and their families, our economy, and society.

But when it comes to action, the SNP have come nowhere near the scale of ambition we need for improving our mental health in Scotland, especially in the workforce.’