Mental health: Extra support

As part of our priority campaign, we are committed to challenging the myths and stigma surrounding mental health whilst ensuring that those who are currently suffering have pathways leading to support and recovery.

We understand that mental health support isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution, and many factors play a role in determining how best to help people understand their condition whilst working toward a solution. To cover all bases and ensure that nobody is left behind, we have created a support centre filled to the brim with mental health organisations and health care providers who are here to help alongside your Community reps.

Mental health in the workplace

Acas – Mental health in the workplace

TUC – E-note on mental health

TUC – Webinar with the Mental Health Foundation

TUC – Good practice in workplace mental health

TUC – Mental health and the workplace

Hazards – Workplace stress and mental health

TUC – Mental health at work: a young workers guide

Getting help

Accessing NHS services


Mental health foundation

NHS Wales

NHS England

NHS Scotland

Dealing with stress

Health and safety executive – tackling stress at work

Mental health foundation


Mental health for LGBT+ people


Mind out

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