Mental health and women

This year at Women’s TUC Conference, we focused on mental health and domestic violence.

Community recognises that women who have used mental health services and who have experienced domestic violence is between 50-60% in the UK, and that the rate of depression and/or anxiety amongst women who have experienced abuse is three times higher than average.

Community member Jan Bownes spoke on our motion on mental health and domestic violence.

Jan spoke about the amount of women who struggle with mental health and abuse, and who don’t have the support they require because of lack of funding and resources for refuge organisations.

Our motion to TUC women’s conference called for:

  • The TUC to work with affiliates to lobby for training in mental health services and clinics to help better identify and respond to domestic violence.
  • Work with charities such as Women’s Aid and Refuge to campaign for more resources for refuge organisations to offer the necessary support for women with mental health problems.