HOPE Heroes

We know from first-hand experience just how important it is that communities are united. 

In places where people look out for one another, trust one-another and work together to solve the challenges that they face, people are more likely to thrive and less likely to be divided by hateful forces. With that in mind, we are delighted to be sponsoring the HOPE Heroes campaign by HOPE not hate.

The HOPE Heroes campaign will recognise, celebrate and – for the 3 winners – financially reward, those who, through their tireless work in the community have strengthened community bonds, increased social solidarity, united communities through social action and developed cross community initiatives.

Over the next couple of months, we will be asking members of the public to nominate the local project, group or activist who has been working in this space; providing hope to local people and in the process created stronger, more united communities.

From these nominees, we will then create a shortlist of the 20 best projects. But there can only be 3 winners! And when nominations have closed, we will be whittling those 20 down to a top 3, all of which will receive the following financial prizes: £5,000 (1st place), £3,000 (2nd place) and £1,000 (3rd place). 

We hope that these prizes will make a material difference and ensure the winning projects keep changing lives, reducing the opportunities for the far right to organise and building stronger communities. 

You can nominate your HOPE Hero today!


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