At Community’s biennial delegate conference in 2019, members of the union came together to decide our priorities for the year ahead. Homelessness was an issue that really resonated with the delegates, and they took the decision that it should be a priority campaign for the union.

In the UK today, there are around 320,000 people without a home.

Homelessness comes in many different forms, some people are sleeping rough on the streets while others may be staying on friends’ sofas or staying in a hostel long-term.

Of those without a home, 6,000 are men and women who served this country as a member of our armed forces, only to return and be left without a home.

We’re campaigning to end veteran homelessness because we believe that every person has the right to a place they can call home.

Over the next two years we’re going to be campaigning to help homeless veterans and we need your help. Find out how you can get involved here.