Get involved

Community is campaigning to make mental health a priority in every workplace. To succeed, we need help from our reps and members in every sector of the economy, in every nation and region and in every workplace.

Committing to positive action…

We believe that if all Community members follow these simple steps, we will be able to make a real difference to the lives of those struggling with mental health issues:


  1. Sign Natasha Devon’s petition to make mental health reps a statutory requirement

We are encouraging members to sign the petition to ensure mental health first aiders are compulsory in every workplace. Employers are already required to support medical first aiders as recognition of the seriousness of physical injuries at work, we think that the same should be the case for mental health problems. you can sign the petition by clicking here.


  1. Ask your employer to sign up to our mental health charter

By signing Community’s charter, employers show that their organisation is working towards putting its principles in to practice to make a real difference to our workplaces and demonstrate their commitment to the mental well being of their staff. You can view and download our charter by clicking here.


  1. Put the Community mental health poster around your workplace

Help assure your colleagues that Community is there to help. Print off our mental health posters and put them around your workplace. You can view and download the mental health poster here.


  1. Become a Time to Change Champion

When you become a Time to Change champion, you can make a real difference to your workplace culture and to the lives of your colleagues, working with your organisation to make mental health a normal topic of conversation, dispelling myths and making it easier for people to seek support. You can learn more about Time to Change by clicking here.


  1. Sign up to Mental Health first aid training

We’re pleased to announce Community has partnered with Mental Health First Aid to deliver training sessions on mental health at Community workplaces across the country. For more information on the courses, as well as more detail on the course structure, please visit the Mental Health First Aid website by clicking here.


  1. Signpost to information on support services in your workplace

We have created a support centre filled to the brim with mental health organisations and health care providers who are here to help on a range of different mental health issues. You can view this support centre by clicking here.


  1. Look out for our collection with the Fabians on mental health at work

Soon we’ll be launching a collection of Chapters on mental health at work, as part of our Changing Work Centre. Keep checking back on our website for more information over the coming months.


  1. Speak to a colleague about mental health

Talking openly about mental health is a first step in making workplaces more welcoming and supportive environments for people with mental health problems. Make sure you don’t use discriminatory language and are supportive of your colleagues.


  1. Lobby your workplace to have an appropriate mental health policy

Workplaces policies on stress and mental health are vital to ensuring those who are experiencing a mental health condition are supported. Ask your employer to see your policy, and work with your rep to make it better or write one from scratch.


  1. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates

We’re constantly finding new ways to make mental health a priority. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with our campaign.

If you have any ideas about we can make mental health a priority in every workplace, just get in touch on