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The Conservative government has introduced a bill to severely limit the way in which unions can represent workers. The bill has been criticised across the political spectrum for being short-sighted, undemocratic, and motivated by a desire to manipulate political funding.

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The UK economy faces enormous challenges in this era of globalization, and in the wake of recession at home and overseas.  Now, more than ever, the UK needs government, business and trade unions wor
king together to deliver a more sustainable and productive economy that can continue to compete on a global basis.

Government needs to recognise that trade unions are not a problem that needs to be resolved; trade unions have to be an integral part of any strategy that works to deliver long-term economic and inclusive growth. Government should be promoting the development of strong working relationships between businesses and trade unions to deliver the productivity improvements, innovative working practices, safer workplaces, and highly skilled and motivated workers that our economy and society so desperately needs. Government should not be undermining those relationships as the Trade Union Bill so clearly seeks to do. The Trade Union Bill is unnecessary and extremely damaging to constructive modern industrial relations – Community condemns the Bill in its entirety in the strongest possible terms.

In the coming weeks we will be organising our campaign against the Trade Union Bill, so watch this space for how you can support this campaign.

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