Britain, we need our steel

Community and the other steel trade unions are running a major national campaign calling on the government to make sure our steel industry is at the foundation of the UK’s recovery from the pandemic.

Britain, we need our steel

Our steel industry has a long and proud history in this country, and we believe that it is fundamentally an industry of the future. The industry is flexible to our changing needs as a country, not only is it used in big infrastructure projects, it is also essential in electric vehicles, rail transport and renewable energy.

The steel industry has been impacted by a number of global factors including; the dumping of cheap steel, Brexit and the coronavirus outbreak. Combined, these factors have put the UK industry in an unstable position and in need of Government support and investment.

Community believe we must invest in our industry so it can provide the steel we will need for generations to come. It is only with investment that the industry can be viable and prosperous for long into the future.

The choice left for the country is whether to leave the industry out in the cold and rely on cheap imported steel or stand with us and protect the industry and the thousands of skilled and well paid jobs, families, and communities it sustains. To that end we’re calling on the government to take action to support our steel industry. Please click below to sign our petition.

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