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Back on the road thanks to Community’s Service Centre

3rd September 2018

“Thank you Community!”

Community’s Service Centre Advice Team recently helped a member with a consumer issue regarding a faulty car.

James* contacted the Advice Team informing them that he had purchased a car from a local car dealership, however after less than one month after purchasing the car, a light appeared on the dashboard suggesting that there was a problem with the exhaust.

After returning the car to the dealer James was notified that there was a long waiting list for repairs, and that he could be without a car for up to 2 months.

Community’s Advice Team discussed with James his desired outcome and he confirmed he was happy with his car and wanted it repaired.

No matter what the issue, we’ll always try our best to lend a hand.

The Advice Team assisted James with a complaint letter notifying the garage that if they did not repair his car immediately, he would have no alternative but to assert his rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and request a full refund for being sold a faulty car.

The Advice Team informed James that if the issue was not resolved to his satisfaction, they would support him through the next steps.

Following the advice from Community’s Service Centre, James received a notification from the garage that his car was now fully repaired and road worthy, which was the outcome James initially wanted.

After getting his car back, James said “The legal advice which was provided through Community was really helpful in resolving the issue I had with the dealership regarding my car.

“I am happy to say that my car was repaired promptly after I sent them an email with the advice I received through Community.  Thank you for your assistance.”

Community’s Legal Team are on hand to offer support when times get tough. If you want us in your corner, you can join Community by clicking here.

*Name removed for anonymity