Other  rights

Our Advice Centre touches on a few of the basic rights that working people in Britain enjoy – but if you need more detailed information or personalised support, call our Service Centre on 0800 389 6332.

Information & consultation

Companies and organisations who employ more than 50 staff need to put systems in place to allow meaningful dialogue to take place between managers and staff, providing enough staff request them.

Employers are now required to inform and consult employees and their representatives on a range of key business, employment and restructuring issues.

Health and safety protection

The trade union members at your workplace should elect Health and Safety representatives. The safety representatives are then able to ask that the employer sets up a Safety Committee to tackle any problems.

If you are an agency worker (and not on a fixed term contract), after 12 weeks you have the right to the same basic terms and conditions as permanent workers at that company.

Pensions and auto-enrolment

Employers with 50 employees or more are now required to auto-enroll them into a pensions scheme. For companies with under 50 employees, auto-enrolling is required to take place before April 2017

In case of dispute

If it becomes necessary to take legal action against your employer, claims must be lodged with the Employment Tribunal. Claims must be subject to early conciliation via ACAS before they can go forward to an employment tribunal. The deadline for submission is either one month from the date of the ACAS early conciliation certificate or three months less one day from the act complained of, whichever is the latter.