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Following a decision taken by members at Community’s biennial delegate conference in 2019, we have set up a task force with young workers. The task force will look at why young people aren’t joining trade unions and how we can recruit and involve more young members and reps.

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Everyone should have the chance of a decent job and career, no matter what their age. But young people are most likely to experience unemployment, underemployment, low wages, casual and temporary work, zero-hours contracts and workplace exploitation.

Young people are also least likely to be in a trade union, know your rights or have the knowledge of how to demand more from your employers.

As a union we want to engage and recruit all young workers. Young people deserve a great job like anyone else, where you are paid and treated fairly, where you get an opportunity to progress, have your voices heard and your rights upheld.

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Young workers news

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TUC young workers
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