Our leaders - Peter Hobson

Pete was elected by his colleagues on our National Executive Council, to serve as our President for 2018/19.

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A bit about Pete

Pete is Community’s president for 2018/19. He works at British Steel’s Teesside Beam Mill, where he is a works rep for his branch Lackenby 05. He has held a number of branch positions over the past 20 years including health and safety rep and vice-chairman.

He was elected to Community’s National Executive Council in 2010 following a by-election and has recently been re-elected for a third term to represent Community members in the North East and Cumbria.

He has been a member of Community for over 38 years, since joining when he started work at the Beam Mill.

He was elected as vice-president of Community in 2017 and then confirmed as President at the National Executive Council in February 2018.

Pete’s work within his multiple roles over the years displays his clear commitment to put the members at the heart of everything he does.

Away from the Beam Mill and the union, he is a keen golfer, and has recently served as captain for his local golf club (2016-2017).

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