Our affiliations & partnerships  - Political

We want to create a better working world for our members, their families and communities. To help us do this we work in partnership with a whole range of organisations. Some provide additional benefits and services. Others are campaigning or political organisations that we support in the best interests of our members and the wider working world.

The Labour Party

A formidable political organisation whose achievements have revolutionised the lives of the British people.

Labour Women's Network

To secure the election of more Labour women to public office, and support Labour women to play a full part in the Party.

Labour Students

Labour Students is the official, autonomous student wing of the Labour Party in the UK. They are made up of Labour clubs in universities and colleges across the country, campaigning for Labour's values and championing the issues that matter to students.

LGBT+ Labour

The Labour Campaign for LGBT+ rights has been campaigning for equal rights for decades.

Labour Party Disabled Members Group (LPDMG)

The LPDMG aims to lobby and advise Government to achieve full and comprehensive Civil Rights for Disabled People.

The Fabian Society

Founded in 1884, the Fabian Society is at the forefront of developing political ideas and public policy on the left.

The European Federation of Retired and Older People (FERPA)

It was founded in 1993 by pensioners who wanted to carry on their trade union struggle for a fairer, democratic society.