Our NEC - Tony Dunne

A bit about Tony

Tony represents members in Community’s IDU Section following their transfer over in January 2020.

Tony has been employed by the Automobile Association as a Road Side Services (RSS) Patrolman for 34 years.

Having always had an interest in trade unionism, and a desire to support his colleagues – he became a trade union rep in 1999.

Tony’s career with the IDU began with supporting AA staff in the Chiltern Branch where he was elected Branch Secretary. Shortly after this, he took on the role of Health & Safety Representative for his Branch, and was later elected to the National Industrial Committee (NIC).

Following a number of years in that role he was elected Chair for the Central area. Over time the organisation was restructured and then was divided into two regions – North & South.

Tony was then elected Vice Chair of the Southern Region. Later, the regions were again merged into one, during which time Tony was elected as National Health & Safety Chair. In 2008 Tony was appointed as National Health & Safety Chair. During his term in this role he also completed an IOSH Health & Safety qualification (2010).

Throughout his time as a Representative Tony has served as a Regional Secretary for the Home Counties Branch of the IDU, and progressed to the Role of National Executive for Road Side Services – which is the role he currently holds.

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